SuiteCRM logs out users if they want to open subpanels


I am using SuiteCRM version 7.11.15 (on a hosted Apache Server) and recently i have the problem that SuiteCRM logs me out if I try to open a minimized(=closed) subpanel. It happens on all kind of subpanels. If this fault occurs then the user sees the log in screen within the subpanel. See picture below.

The last suitecrm.log entries are:
[DEBUG] Including module specific hook file for custom/modules
[DEBUG] Including Ext hook file for custom/application
[DEBUG] Hook called: ::after_session_start
[DEBUG] Unable to find SugarController:: get
[DEBUG] Hook called: ::server_round_trip
[DEBUG] Calling MySQLi::disconnect()

After re-login the subpanel is already open and shows the correct content.

Do you know what happens?


I’ve noticed similar things when there’s some sort of conflict with the session(s) of SuiteCRM
(Typically if multiple tabs/windows of different SuiteCRM systems are open at once)

When this occurs, do you have SuiteCRM open in multiple windows at the same time?
It should be fine, but it would be worth checking if using just one window reduces this occuring

Something else that might be worth trying, if you haven't already, is checking in another Browser.

If you use a different browser, do you get logged out when expanding the subpanels?

If so, it might be worth clearing the Cookies/Cache for SuiteCRM in your main browser

Hey John,

Thanks for your reply.
Originally I have used Firefox and yes I have used more then one session sometimes. But even with one session the fault occurred.

After clearing all cookies and stored passwords from Firefox (for the relevant url) the fault disappeared as you have suggested.

Thanks for this solution