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Hi there,

I am running SuiteCrm 7.9.5 on the 1&1 Web Hosting space and I need no Loading Time because my Job requires very fast processes. At the Moment every time I create a new record on a custom Module it starts loading the page very slowly… The page said “server response time 0,14 seconds”. Developer mode is unchecked.

I would like to have some tipps from you to run my suitecrm faster…

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There are many ways to optimize but you have to start by understanding what’s slowing it down.

Your browsers insepctor window might shed some light: is there any resource loading slowly? How’s network time?

Then from the server you can inspect logs and see where the delays are. Sometimes I even use “tail” as a live feed and see where it stops. I recently discovered my email provider takes 20 seconds to send a singe email., which I was calling from a hook, so it was delaying pages enormously.

There are really so many variables to consider:

  1. Is your hosting providing a good amount of memory, CPU, and network speed?
  2. Do you have tons of data?
  3. Do you have customizations that could be delaying things?
  4. Can you upgrade to PHP 7.0? Much faster (and safer).
  5. etc.
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Hi Pgr,

thank you very much for your information, I am checking all these feature on my instance.

Could be that Custom modules have costume fields who are saved in different tables and so when loading and creating new records it slows down? Could be a solution to add manually custom fields into the default tables of Suitecrm and add the fields manually into the vardefs files or could this create other issues?



There are ways to move custom fields to the actual tables, instead of on a separate table, but I don’t believe that will be the cause of problems. That’s milliseconds. You’re probably experiencing delays of several seconds, if you’re worried about it, am I right?

You haven’t told me how big your database is, if you have many thousands of records of course those DB optimizations start to matter…

To start, I would worry more about custom code, logic hooks, if you have them.

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Hi Pgr,

my custom module “Couriers” have no recrods inside and it is very slow when I need to create a new record. The page loads with information text fields and an Iframe google map custom field to see the address position.

I have on my web hosting server 2,5 gb ram, 300 process/min, 512 mb memory limit, 40 cores and 2,5 gigaherz/core.

I do not have records in other modules. Often when i jump from module to module I need to weit up to 8 seconds of loading. I do not have custom code, logic hooks.

I have Php version 7.1

You have abundant hardware supplies, if it takes 8 seconds it’s not doing anything useful.

Try this during one of those requests

tail -f suitecrm.log

If necessary, raise log level all the way up to DEBUG.

You should be able to see it stalling somewhere and then focus on that.

I normally do this trick in a Putty windows with 9999 lines of backtrace. I press enter a few times whenever I see it stalling. This way later, when I go back to see what happened, those places are easy to find. But, of course, you also have the timestamps to guide you.

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Hi Pgr,

I did the debug after opening some modules to test it, it takes around 3-5 seconds to open them. Here the debug: