SuiteCRM keep on Auto Reloading

I am running SuiteCRM 7.8.3 on PHP 7.1.7 on Red Hat Linux box. CRM Dashboard keeps on auto reloading intermittently. Please advise the remedy for the same

Gaurav Jain

It is caused when a dashlet is set to refresh every x minutes. If you go through each dashlet and set the auto refresh to β€œdo not refresh” it should fix that issue.

Hi @djsamson Thanks for the reply.

  1. The auto refresh for the dashlets is disabled
  2. When I disable the browser cache there is no issue
  3. Out of various import facilities available we are using mainly the Import Notes and found the issue occurs prominently when the notes import has finished, it will redirect to home page and keeps on reloading.

More Heads up

  1. We have 2 nodes and load balancer installed
  2. upload directory is shared using NFS on 1 node and mounted on the upload directory of other node