SuiteCRM KB vs Dokuwiki

We have a need for a simple wiki. Recently I built a Dokuwiki and have started populating it. Right now there are maybe 30 pages. Tech notes for the team. Does anyone have firsthand experience with the Knowledge Base module compared to a (any) wiki?

We’ve been using SugarCRM for awhile and like the idea of migrating to SuiteCRM and using the Knowledge Base. Any reason that would be a bad idea? We’re a small shop, 1-4 concurrent users, so heavy use is not a problem. All access will be internal to our shop. This will not be a public facing KB.

Any Suite-KB issues with linking to other internal KB pages? adding pics? adding links? search limitations?


I don’t think the SuiteCRM KB is a good replacement for a wiki. One thing it will not do well is internal links. The rest should be ok.

You can still do the internal links but you’ll have to get the full URL from another screen, you won’t have a proper user interface to select a page and produce a URL.

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