SuiteCRM Issue with Time

SuiteCRM I am facing time issue in SuiteCRM. In SuiteCRM created date is not same as in database. Similarly in report and schedule. I have change timezone in following file/setting:

  • php.ini
  • the system date format in Admin / Locale
  • the relevant user profile sections in each user’s profile. But issue is still exist.

Someone saying that:
SuiteCRM stores the dates in MySQL using the UTC timezone GMT-0.

So regardless of your setting, you will always have the Date represented in GMT-0.

This is by design so it’s easier to render dates for users in different timezones.

But how can I do that?

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There aren’t any problems with timezone. Select the timezone in user profile.

Welcome to the date/time nightmare. Some of this depends on whether the database field is a dateTime field of a String field. If it is a dateTime field, then there in an application there is the potential for a submission time to come from a client’s PC, the Application, or indeed the hardware that the Application is running on.

I do not believe that the handling of dates is consistent within suiteCRM due to issues with a conflict that I’ve experienced between mailChimp plugin and the GSync plugin on a system that I support. This resulted in (literally millions) of date adjustment errors that resulted in the server drive being filled and the application failing.

My solution to this particular issue was to make everything UTC - HW Clock, System Clock, Application default timezone (In config.php), and php.ini…so I think that you’re moving in the correct direction. Users then configure their personal timezone in their profile settings->Advanced tab.


Then scroll down

Choose your time zone and save.
This is something that should be set for each user.

But what about Daylight savings, that change twice a year?
In the summer its UTC +3 Asia/Jerusalem but on winter it is UTC +2!
does the user has to change his Timezone twice a year, manually, with each winter/summer clock?

i’m looking for an automatic solution for this one.
does anyone know of such automatic solution?

Thank you! I was wondering that why times are different in database. Your answer solved my issue.