SuiteCRM invoice & accounting

Hi there!

I’m moving my first steps with CRM especially SuiteCRM…

I was wondering why is there Invoice module but not Accounting module? Whats the purpose of just sending invoices without keeping track of payments etc…?

Has anyone experience with integration with accounting module?

Thank you so much for the help.

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Invoices have fields indicating if they are paid or not, but there is no ootb integration to other accounting applications.
But in case you didn’t know: you can create and deploy new modules, these can be extended as well with e.g. logic hooks and other framework features.

Thank you for your answer! For doing this is needed programming work or it can be done through visual experience?

Thank you

P.s. It also sound strange that no one ever needed an accounting module with SuiteCRM, what is the usual approach? Just have a complete different software for accounting with no integration with the CRM?

for creating new modules you do not need to touch code (admin area -> module builder).

Writing code becomes necessary if you connect applications using their interfaces or doing complex calculations/logics that cannot be handled using workflows. Maybe we can help you better if you describe what you expect from an accounting module and how it should integrate with Suite.

Thank you for your answer.

I just need this simple solution:

  • a table for all sales records (it would be nice to link one record to a client )
  • a table for all payments records (also here it would be nice to link on record to an account type as “vendor”).

Create and select different bank account linked to the two table it is also required.

Simple Reports and Excel export will complete the picture.

You can rename Quotes to Sales and Invoices to Payments. (Admin -> Rename Modules)
Check out Admin -> Studio for how you can modify the layouts/add new fields and relationships.

This could be done using a new module that has a 1:n to relation to accounts (each bank account belongs to 1 account and each account can have n bank accounts). The very same idea could be applied to “payments”, even though I would create a relation to “sales” too.

“Sales” sound indeed like the invoice module (you add the products/services purchased there). This module has already a relation to accounts.

If your Sales list would equal sent invoices, that is easily achieved by creating a time-limited report in the Reports module. That gives you visual lists that can be printed. If you needed e.g. to be able to export CVS lists of them or create integrations with other systems, you’d need to do some coding. Especially CVS lists are easy to do though.

I’ve actually done a payments module in the past, and it is quite simple if all you need is to be able to manually add payments and associate them to invoices. You could simply create your own module in the Module Builder, add fields for payment date, amount and so on, and add a relationship (most likely a one-to-many) between your new module and AOS_Invoices. You wouldn’t need to do any coding unless you want automation. Even then the Workflow module can do quite a bit.

Thank you for all the solutions provided.

I customized the Invoice module because I find it very useful the “send pdf invoice by email”.

I added a custom field call invoice_is_sent (a simple dropdown with true/false) to keep track of the above function.

I’m trying to automate this:
Field invoice_is_sent change to true -> generate PDF invoice and send it attached by email to related contact.

I tried to automate this with a workflow but it seems not possible.

I have already created custom Email and PDF template for an Invoice.

Thank you.

I don’t think you can add PDF attachments in a workflow, so you’ll need to do some manual customizations to get that done. You could either use logic hooks to check when to send invoices or use a scheduled task to send all invoices for a day e.g. at the end of the day. Both would require some programming, but nothing too difficult.