SuiteCRM integration with Zimbra through zSugar

Since I can find absolutely zero information online regarding testing of the zSugar zimlet with SuiteCRM, I figured I might as reach out to this forum and see if there are any current Zimbra users who are utilizing this zimlet.

I have several years of experience with Zimbra deployments and will be migrating my current employer to a Zimbra installation in the next few months. At the same time, management has decided that we need CRM for our sales team, so SuiteCRM seemed to be the natural choice (given the recent upheaval of SugarCRM CE). I’ve already read that most CE-compatible extensions should interface with SuiteCRM, so I’m not expecting any major hangups, but it would still be nice to have some idea what to expect before I go running into this headfirst.

If nobody has any feedback, I’ll just go ahead and start testing in a VM and update this topic with the results.

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Thank you Jphanson, it’s very interesting for me too

Jphanson Hi,

Our team has been playing around with zSugar. It has limited functionalities, but we manage to improve it a little bit. (We added the possibility to search for Fist and Last name of Contacts and Leads, rather than only searching by emails)

Other than that, seems to work fine.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Octavio Sosa

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Hi Positiveit,
i’m interested in this integration.
Could you please contact me directly at

Mail sent.

Hi I am also interested in zimbra integration with suitecrm using zsugar connector.
Can you please briefly mention the steps, it will be really helpful.

Hi jyotisingh,
we didn’t tried it but we found this company that developed it: