SuiteCRM integration with Xero

I need a plugin to integrate SuiteCRM with Xero. Does anybody have any experience in this regard. Is there such plugin developed by any company?

Most connectors for Sugar work with Suite. Found one here that offers a free trial so you could try it and see if it meets your needs:

Please note though I’m not associated with the company that produces this connector and haven’t tried it myself, so not 100% certain it will work.


I have been using zapier to transfer transactions from suitecrm to xero, it only works one way but i covers our needs for now, the base plan works at about $20/month and it can do much more you you, I use it to send text messages from suitecrm too.

Good luck.

yes their is one company which i can refer you i have been using this is the link how to setup SuiteCRM 8, you can find what your looking for.

There is leading SuiteCRM Partner Fynsis which can help you in setting up SuiteCRM with xero integrate for you.
I will share you the website: