SuiteCRM - Integration with Nextiva phone system


I am looking for a little bit of advice on integrating SuiteCRM with our Nextiva phone system. I am new to the SuiteCRM world and this is a huge piece to our platform puzzle. I wondered if there is a Nextiva API that we can integrate with from SuiteCRM and what amount of complexity will be involved integrating between the two? We are looking to build out a few key features:

i) Screen pop: display a custome record from SuiteCRM based on the incoming number
ii) Capture key call metrics (duration of call etc).
iii) Kick off a Case Management β€˜create case’ process upon completion of the call

We are also looking to include email tracking functionality, again with the potential of kicking off a customer task based on the subject or content of the email.

Any help and feedback much appreciated.



I had a quick search on google and found this:

that was built for SugarCRM but as Suite was build on that it should still work.
Not sure if this would meet all your requirements but i would have a look at that