SuiteCRM integration with Bonita BPM? AngularJS?

To all you developers out there, anyone willing to contribute?

First and foremost, I have 0 experience with Suite or Sugar. I am the “build it from scratch kind of guy”.
I speak php - CI - js - Angular, Dojo, DHTMLX - (Some java, mostly data manipulation and android)

Thoughts on current SuiteCRM:

  1. Wow, a real fing Suite :slight_smile:
  2. UI sucks big time
  3. Page reload/refresh on every click? (its 2015 yo)
  4. Missing Searches/Autocomplete etc etc… other dynamic views.
  5. Not document management oriented at all.


Milestone 1.

Do you actually use more than 30% of the features in this Suite?
Whats important to me: Companies/Accounts, Contacts (very few for each company), Documents, Notes, Activity.
So how about that old ActCRM that had all these in 1 view? Don’t know what im referring too?

Planning to use:
Plain Bootstrap
jQuery Layout
AngularJS binding
For Notes > some angular board > Facebook wall style

Documents > some js directory explorer with api
Most importantly, must have the ability to preview file without download. With how many documents we create/process the “Downloads” folder will overpopulate. Good luck finding the edited file to upload again. Therefore, either google docs embed (very easy, file doesn’t need to be stored in google drive/docs.) Preferably, HTTP Commander which can instantly open files based on a shared directory/ domain controller or even webdav (costly). Owncloud is another option since webdav is easy to call thru http.

Milestone 2

  1. Build CKeditor, create workflows, build custom placeholders, Generate documents automatically when status/conditions are met.
  2. Replace SuiteCRM tables with editable grids.
  3. Smoke a cigarette and appreciate my work :slight_smile:

I can build the entire interface in 2 - 3 days, even fix current CSS issues.
I have done similar/more complex work with the scripts mentioned above, my biggest/only burden is I have to learn/get familiar with SuiteCRM.
So currently, I am in exploring stages. Im in between SuiteCRM and x2engine.

Some help would be greatly appreciated, I think this could be very beneficial to the community. We need to change this interface.
I simply need advice/help with the SuiteCRM API and logic, since I haven’t seen anything but the Demo yet.
BTW, why is all tutorials/instructions for Ubuntu? why not CentOS?

Hi , Your suggestions sounds very good.

Did you end up getting on with any of this ?