SuiteCRM integration with accounting software


Does anybody tried/is working with any SuiteCRM integration with accounting software? Any advice is welcome. :slight_smile:



Have you tried searching the SuiteCRM store? That is the place to find add-ons.

Of course you can do manual integrations via export/import, or write some code to integrate…

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i have integrate suitecrm with other software via rest service. What do you want to do with this integration?!

1 Like thank you for your reply and sorry for delay, I was fixing other prioritary issues.

Basically I want to integrate the invoicing from SuiteCRM into some open source accounting software, so when the invoice is paid, it will launch the paid amount in the accounting software (account debit/account credit).

Any advice is welcome :slight_smile:

you can do it using Logic Hooks in Invoice module.
On after_save event you can control the β€œstatus” and write the information in your accounting software.


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Many thanks :slight_smile:

Did you actually manage to get this to work itmonitor? Which accounting software are you using?

Need to know whether SuiteCRM has any integration issue with my ZipBooks. Previously faced serious issue with Bluepark and they were not able to manage it.

Is there a tutorial for this somewhere?