SUiteCRM installation with MSSQL

HI All, I Need guide to install SUiteCRM on Centos with MSSQL for DB. Pls help as i am stuck for long

where are you stuck exactly? If you have already installed all of the required components, you can continue here:

I have installed mssql on Linux and it is getting connected locally through sqlcmd but while installing Suitecrm, it is not able to communicate to DB and sending error that not able to login on DB.

I have serious doubts that SuiteCRM will run on MSSQL on Linux, which is a relatively new thing.

It’s likely that those database drivers SuiteCRM uses were written assuming that MSSQL = Windows… and then something goes wrong somewhere. I’d say this is very experimental territory…

Now microsoft has released support for mssql to be installed on Linux. It is getting installed and getting connected on cmd, able to create DB’s but on installation page, it is not getting connected.

did you find any solution?