Suitecrm Installation Error

I am trying to install suitecrm. However, I got this error. what to do. Please respond me as I have been trying to install suitecrm since the first week of my internship and now it is my third week.

is maybe php8.1-mysql not installed yet?

let me check if it is installed

Seems as it has been installed. Please see the picture and verify if it has been installed.
Screenshot from 2023-09-25 17-37-18

Screenshot from 2023-09-25 17-37-18

It has been installed with verion PHP 8.1.23.

asslam o alaikum,
enable zip compression in PHP, go to PHP ini and then un-comment, remove ; in the beginning.


I did that but it also didn’t work

restart apache, xampp or wampp once, whatever you are using.

The installation has been completed. Thank you from your cooperation.


What all steps you took to successfully installed suiteCRM and what’s your system configurations?