SuiteCrm, in VM downloaded from UCS, Administrator panel miss

i downloaded SuiteCrm just installed on UCS VM, from UCS website, after click link on SuiteCrm website.
SuiteCrm version on this VM is 7.10.7.
I create one user on UCS users management, on section SuiteCrm check on Use SuiteCRM and Administrator User.
Login with this new user without problem, but section tab Administrator miss.
Whatsappen ?
Can i do anything to resolve this ?

I never used that UCS version, so I know ZERO about it…

But just trying to guess: could this be that you are configuring Administrator user for Linux, but not for SuiteCRM? These are different administrators. Can you find a place to add admin rights for SuiteCRM specifically? Or maybe this comes with a default admin user?

I hope this helps. It’s working in my case.

Please enter the following commands on a linux command line as root

cat /etc/suitecrm/suitecrm/ucsadmin.secret

You will then see a long password. Use this password to login in in SuiteCRM as user ucsadmin. Use this user to give user users the admin role.

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