SuiteCRM HTTPS install


I installed SuiteCRM in my LAMP server, under HTTPS, using the Softaculous installer. I did not change the login data on install, so user and password are the standard created by Softaculous. I can access the login page at mywebsite/crminstall. I then type the user and password, but it will not login but after processing the information during a few seconds, it will return to the login page. I read in another thread that this could be an issue with cookies in the browser. I cleaned the cookies, stored passwords, etc in the browser and for the sake of doing it right, cleaned the browser with CCleaner. However, I continue unable to login as administrator in SuiteCRM.

I checked the SuiteCRM mysql database and there it is the userid, registered in it. I go back to the SuiteCRM login page, click the link to reset the password. I type the userid, type the administrator email I used to install SuiteCRM and click to reset password. Nothing happens, and I do not receive any email to reset the password.

Please, any advice and ideas to solve this issue are welcome.

Try editing server url in config.php and change http to https

Many thanks salesagility,

‘site_url’ was installed automatically as https in config.php.

‘host_name’ was installed automatically as ‘server.xxxxx.yyy’ in config.php. Should I add https in front of the host name, like ‘https://server.xxxxxx.yyy’?

Hi itmonitor,

Did you get an answer to this?

I have some intermittent problems after moving a pre-existing site from http to https, script and search failures causes the site crash. I’m seeing quite a few php fast_cgi errors, particularly related to guzzlehttp.

I had already changed ‘site_url’ to get correct URL writes, but I left ‘host_name’ as is without the https prefix.

So I wonder if changing ‘host_name’ had any impact on your problems?

Never use that stupid installer. These installations are not safe for production.
I think even they write that in their disclaimer that it is not safe for that purpose.

You should use the recommended method instead:

When you have used Softaculous then you must really go through the installation to harden it to make sure you will not run into issues later.

Kind regards