SuiteCRM Hosting Question~

Hey folks,
I am into a batter of HDD VS SSD if we talk about running and maintaining CRM application like SuiteCRM.
The major difference I found between website and CRM.

  1. CRM application used normally office hours continuously, let’s say 100 simultaneous users use CRM application in many tabs. Each tab separate sends many hits to the server continuously.

  2. Several internal “Cron” jobs also running to maintain data integrity and many other things.

  3. Few Outgoing API requests may be there using API like office365 or twilio.

  4. Few External ( Incoming) AP requests are also there like Calendar etc.

  5. Database backup/replication may also be there.

So I can see a lot of disk usage comparing to websites. So my question is

Does SSD is better to use rather than HDD for CRM application? Should we plan IOPS as well?

Just ended up with this article