Suitecrm have individual email option and template is possible

Hello Suite Crm User,

I would like to start suitecrm, i need opinion from you badly.before start i have few question, if u know those answer i really appreciate your time.

  1. Is it possible to use suitecrm as a cold email tools?

  2. traditional cold email tools created for mass email like 50 - 2000 a day, but in organization we add alot of data about wee neeed to customize email alot. Is it possible using suite crm use as a one to one email communication tools? table/list view i able to see when i email them last? list view i able to see are prospect replied my email? How manys days ago? i able to set auto reminder for sales person to email them manually again? it possible to auto followup email? it possible to set individual email for each sales person? there any solution available to track email open notification? And reply? i able to setup for sms comminication? Am i need any plugin? i able to creat email template and able to use manually? i able to add custom field when imorting data?

Thanking You