SuiteCRM full of errors. Email not working

Hi All,

Well I’ve never seen a log file with so many errors on a working-ish system.

I’ve attached the suitecrm.log (1.5 MB)

SuiteCRM works, besides the email problem listed here Still not working - Email client not populating

But I’m pretty sure it’s not a happy bunny given the huge number of errors, I checked the permissions, as you can see in the link above, but something is seriously wrong.

Can anyone help me before my server fills up with error logs.


Look for a specific scheduled report that could be causing the problems

I’ve had a look, found one that ran every 10 minutes and removed it. It seems to have reduced the errors, thank you,

However what does
Thu May 27 13:40:57 2021 [988][d4f46dc4-d702-0c79-4bc1-5ab295903495][FATAL] SugarBean::populateDefaultValues $field_defs should be an array



I don’t know. You’d have to get a stack trace to discover where it’s being called from, that might bring some clues.

The error present in some versions 7.11.x. It generate cron. This does not affect the working.

The maybe goes to database spacing,
please read