Suitecrm fresh installation

Hi there!
I have a really old Sugarcrm installation that as upgraded for several times and which I recently upgraded for Suitecrm. In total I think the installation might have been upgraded 7 or 8 times. The response is quite slow and I’m having trouble solving it.
I would like to move to a fresh installation of Suitecrm but I’m really not sure about how I can export and import everything (database + documents) back.
Is this possible to do?

Yes, it is, you just need to install a new suitecrm instance, match the custom things that you made (it has to be exact or you will have to modify things in database) then import all the data from the database to the new instalation, assuming that the database structure are the same, then you will need to copy the files in upload directory.

That’s all, I’ve managed to accomplish this before

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I’ll try to do so and I’ll let you know what happened.