SuiteCRM Free?

Does any one know if there is software development, to be us as an OFF LINE solution, Read and Write only, that interacts with SUITE CRM? I need to implement this option on a Window PC that could be use while traveling on a plane for example, and I do not know if there is something on the market.

SuiteCRM had an integration called quickcrm.

One of the features is offline access. I am not sure if this comes for free.

TapCRM could fit your need. Some time I use this software to sync when traveling.

yathit offers an offline option too.
you should always check, how the apps behave while updating already existing objects after going back online. I saw that (at least yathit) pushes the whole object to the crm, no matter what has been changed in the crm in the meantime (no kind of merging/collision warning).

Don’t know how its handled in quickcrm, but you should keep that in mind while creating your app.

QuickCRM does have an offline mode, and there’s also a Desktop version which as far as I know is unique in offering offline mode on Windows, not on a mobile phone.