SuiteCRM : For Multilple instance

Is it Possible to have SuiteCRM for multiple Business like “Partner Portal users in salesforce”. its not possible in SugarCRM also.
Seen through this blog

Do you have any suggestions.

We have Multiple vendors of various Products and services. Each (Person)customer can be a customer of one or more vendors of the same contract. ie this customer info is shared between vendors.

Few suggest to have multiple instances for each vendor and manage the partners having said this How will a parent Organisation Monitor all the vendors all their customers.


You could use one instance of Suite and use the SecurityGroups module to set up groups for each vendor, when a record is assigned to a particular vandors group only that vendor will be able to see or edit it depending on access rights. If the record is assigned to more than one vendor then they also will be able to see it. You set up the parent organisation to have access to all records. You must setup user Roles and link these to the security groups when setting this up.

SecurityGroups combined with Roles in Suite is capable of providing very fine granular control over exaclty who see’s what.

Thanks Andy.
That’s exactly I was looking for. let me try this and see ways to achieve this.