SuiteCRM - email subpanel not working

Hi ,
Since i updated my SuiteCRM instance to 7.9.1 to 7.9.2 my Emails subpanels not are working,

i can write the mail and send it, but when finished it to send show me a json error like this:

{“data”:{“type”:“Email”,“id”:“3dc843b2-30bc-3d00-64ad-595bd542fc5d”,“title”:“Email sent”,“attributes”:[],“relationships”:[]}}

and when i open the subpanel the console log show this message:

Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 11
at JSON.parse ()
at Object.eval (eval at globalEval (sugar_grp1_jquery.js?v=hndDqAZb1jz7nf6A7cpWXw:2), :1091:27)
at j (sugar_grp1_jquery.js?v=hndDqAZb1jz7nf6A7cpWXw:2)
at Object.add (sugar_grp1_jquery.js?v=hndDqAZb1jz7nf6A7cpWXw:2)
at n.fn.init.self.construct (eval at globalEval (sugar_grp1_jquery.js?v=hndDqAZb1jz7nf6A7cpWXw:2), :1090:12)
at n.fn.init.$.fn.EmailsComposeView (eval at globalEval (sugar_grp1_jquery.js?v=hndDqAZb1jz7nf6A7cpWXw:2), :1262:10)
at Object. (sugar_grp1_jquery.js?v=hndDqAZb1jz7nf6A7cpWXw:7660)
at j (sugar_grp1_jquery.js?v=hndDqAZb1jz7nf6A7cpWXw:2)
at Object.add (sugar_grp1_jquery.js?v=hndDqAZb1jz7nf6A7cpWXw:2)
at n.fn.init.$.fn.openComposeViewModal (sugar_grp1_jquery.js?v=hndDqAZb1jz7nf6A7cpWXw:7659)

When i will compose one email not show me the field called “from”

What could be happening?

There seems to be a fix here

you can try applying it manually (though it looks a bit complicated) or wait for 7.9.3… sorry.

Oh nice to hear from you @pgr!

thanks for your answer!, I am afraid to do it manually, in case I could complicate it even more that

maybe is the best idea wait a little more for the upgrade 7.9.3.

best regards @pgr, thank you for your help!

Hi @pgr, you know? while i continuing reviewing each module i find more issues, on the Users module to create one user, i fill each required field,but when i want to save the record don’t let me to do it, the system say’s that I leave required fields without fill, but really I filled each required field (*)

What could be happening for that?

There was someone with a similar problem and it ended up being caused by a bug in a language string, from his translation pack!

Make sure you have the appropriate Language Pack (assuming you are using one), and update it to match your version of SuiteCRM.