SuiteCRM email client

I was used, some years ago to send emails via SCRM client. I just had to clik on an account or contact email and was redirected to SRCM client. But it was so slow that I finally install Thunderbird and Opacus SugarCRM Thunderbird Extension Standard to send emails. Recently, I saw that SCRM email client was far better and I’d like to use it again. But the email adress still open Thunderbird or Gmail. I cant found out how to get it working again within SCRM.
Can you help me ?
Than you.

This is should be changed by the user, if you go into your profile and scroll down to the Email Settings Tab there is a dropdown called Email Clients. Change this from ‘External Email Client’ to ‘SuiteCRM Email Client’

This should help solve your issue, if you need any more help in this just ask :slight_smile:

I just can’t find this neither in my profile, nor anywhere in “Admin”. You’re right as it was how I changed it first some years ago.
That’s a mystery…
Do you have an idea of how I could do ?

Can you please take a screenshot of your user profile?

Sure !