Suitecrm Email Client - Occupies More Disk space

Hi ,

We are using Suitecrm Email Client IMAP for viewing/syncing emails in the CRM accounts, We got 200+ users, they daily receive at least 20 emails each.

As emails are stored in the cache folder, it occupies more space on disk and we are running out of space in a week. Approx 6 gb of storage is taken by email cache daily.

Is there any possibility to overcome this issue?

Thanks In advance

Exactly which cache folder do you mean?

You mean you have 6gb added to the cache daily, or that you have a constant (or slowly growing) cache of around 6gb?

Important: what is your version of SuiteCRM?

Version : 7.7.8

Emails that are synced through IMAP by cron job are stored in cache/modules/Emails/<inbound_id>/ . Due to email attachments it occupies more disk space , is there any way we could ignore downloading attachments?

p.s. I just found out attachments tooks more disk space.


That’s a very old version, I’m afraid it’s very hard to analyze what’s going on. It’s very likely that changes have been made meanwhile…

Does anybody use a newer version with a lot of email work and also have problems with cache disk space?


I have commented out the line calling the saveAttachments function in inboundemail.php file. As of now, no impacts due to this and saves disk space.


Ok… but watch out for unintended side-effects…