Suitecrm email client ....... how to create any record (lead, contact, etc) manually directly in 7.10.2

Before upgrade to 7.10.2 i was able to manually create any record (lead, contact, opportunity, case, task etc) directly from the suitecrm built-in email client by pressing a button “QUICK CREATE” System automatically fills up the new ‘record creation form’ (lead, contact, opportunity, case, task etc) with the information given in that email.

but after the upgrade i am unable to see this “QUICK CREATE” button, so there is no way to create any record. Email client layout is different and it has only the option to import email into the suitecrm database.

I wonder, if this upgrade has removed this option altogether or am i missing something.
This function is very important for me because i create leads, contact, etc directly and manually from inbound emails and later assign it to my team.

Thanks in advance.

You don’t mention which version you were running before…

Starting from 7.9.0 there is a new email client, so yes, there are differences.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I was using 7.7 earlier.

Do you confirm that the required function to create any new record directly from the email inbox is not present in the latest version ? If yes, then please advise how do I can I create new records from emails.


I am not very familiar with the email module. So I might be missing something.

I think it’s the Import function, where you can “relate to” some record. Although it’s not as convenient as the old function.

Try looking in the Documentation to see if you can find something on this.

Also look into “group email” accounts which have more logic about parsing the email and trying to auto-relate to records, I believe.

Well, i do understand that in case if some record ( lead, contact, opportunity, case, task etc ) already exists in our system, we are able to create a relationship when importing email into the system. But in case if we want to create a new record altogether, there is no option available now in the latest release. However it was available in earlier versions.

I believe that team at suitecrm is missing this important function…

In a real environment, We get an email from someone interested in our product, we want to create a lead from that email. This is a very common situation for many small businesses. I want other users to please confirm if this is possible in anyway ?

You are right, it is convenient and it would be nice to still have that option there. You can open an Issue on GitHub with this suggestion.