SuiteCRM developer tools

Hi All

I have learnt about the capabilities of SuiteCRM and would like to develop a few modules based on y requirements. However, I have ended up in a mess.
I’m referring to Definitive guide to SugarCRM and Jim Macken-SUiteCRM for developers. I created a project in Netbeans and imported all Suitecrm files. However, if I try to add an entry point for example, by adding the suggested files in the project, nothing seems to change. Am i missing something?
I would really appreciate your help. Please guide me through a way out at this. I cant use phpStorm as it is a paid tool. If there is any other tool that I can use pls let me know.


Theres a whole range of different tools out there for php editing its just finding the one that best suits you. 2 possibilities could be Sublimetext or Aptana. An alternative to learning about how to utilise and customise Suite could be looking into the webinars and seeing what one could help you out. These offer live chats with Suitecrm developers, so you can ask some questions there that might be able to help you out some more :slight_smile:

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