SuiteCRM default language

Dear all,

Although the default language is set to Portuguese, the login screen always starts in English.
I checked config.php and it is correct.
Any suggestion?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Eurogalvano
Please check documentation Install New Languages :: SuiteCRM Documentation
Here is the Language support suitecrm: SuiteCRM core translations in Crowdin

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Hi @vijay1992 , thanks for your reply but this is not the problem. I install Portuguese and Italian language without difficulties and I set Portuguese like a default language in System-Locale but always starts in English.


Hi @Eurogalvano,

I understood your query and I have installed the language patch.

After that, I followed the language guide.

language installed successfully.

Then I login again:- language option was appearing on the suitecrm.

The problem is if I select a different language and then re-login then my account is not opening.