SuiteCRM Dashboard Modification

Hi,I have installed Suitecrm 7.8.20. I have entered one Lead from Lead Module and its displayed in dashboard. Based on some crieteria, I want to modify lead table query for dashboard lead table.Where I have to change the query?

Click the “pencil” icon on the dashboard and filter from there.

If you need additional options, see if you can add them from Admin / Studio / Leads / Layouts / Dashlet

Thank you PGR. I want to know where the SELECT Query executes to display values in dashboard.

It’s not built like that. It gets information from metadata, from layouts coming from Studio, so that the dashlets areconfigurable by users, and you can save their settings.

There is probably a way to just use straight SQL in a Dashlet, but I don’t know how to do it, sorry.

Is there anything about your query that you can’t make from the existing UI?

So, we could not modify query. but wen modify the columns in studio->leads->layouts. Right?


I’m sure you can also modify the query somehow, I jut don’t have a tutorial ready to link you to it.

ok. Thank you. And tell me if you know the to modify the query.