SuiteCRM Dashboard Missing

Hello All,

I was working in SuiteCRM, following up on several accounts, my dashboard vanished. Other users still have the dashboard. I reset the home page, ran a couple of the repair tools, then out of frustration, reset the user. Still gone. I tried in a Opera and Edge as well (I’m using Chrome).


I haven’t needed to take any issue to the forums before so, I’m not sure what info you would like.

Version 7.9.5

More Info:

My account is the admin account. I had checked a user account and it was working.

I setup a new Admin account for testing. However, it also is missing the SuiteCRM Dash. No tabs, no buttons, just a blank grey box.

Some Additional Information:

  1. I’ve reset the homepage.
  2. Performed the Repair - Quick Repair and Rebuild. After that failed, I tried going through the list and repairing everything one at a time.
  3. I found mention of a similar issue where a user accesses phpadmin and copied and pasted the content from one user to another. That too did not work.

Any suggestions would be welcome. Again, all that’s happened is the dashlets and tabs on my home page have disapeared. I think I must have changed a setting or something. Does anyone know if there is a way to turn it off? maybe I just need to undo something I’ve inadvertently done.


I figured it out. I had turned on Activity feeds for Facebook and Twitter and I was exploring settings. Turned them off and it came right back.

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same thing for me on Version 7.8.11 , facebook / twitter activity streams cancel admin dashboard. Thanks for sharing this post