suitecrm custom module customization

If you created the module with Module Builder and deployed properly, the system should create the appropriate url and you should see the link on your menu. If you want to link the module to other modules and display the subpanel under those modules, you have to create relationships from Studio. More info here:

If you are trying to create call a external Url, then you will need to modify the files manually:

Check documentation here:

If you created a custom module. You can use a URL field from studio and it will give you the options to open the site on new window if required. All you need to do is to add a new field and select type URL…

Now, if you want to create your custom button you can google for some samples. Here are some:

Sorry. Can’t quite understand what exactly you are trying to achieve. Anyway, the links I provided should give you an idea on how the system works. I hope you can solve the issue and share the results here.

Good luck!