Suitecrm conference 2023

Hi everyone, I was wondering if would be nice to create an event of suitecrm so we as community can share our thoughts, create workspace to code sprints.

What do u think?

cc @clemente.raposo @g.martin



That is a great idea.

Hi Luciano. Very good idea. We should meet and share our experiences with projects implemented worldwide.

Thank you.

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Hi! I believe it would be very interesting, but it would be like to hear from salesagility working group as @clemente.raposo or @g.martin or @Jack_Anderson other user from the company to know what the think about it.

Hi, in 2016 Salesagility organised SuiteMeet in Stirling. Although the nr. of participants were not that many, I found it was a very nice event, especially having the chance of getting to know the Salesagility crew and having a drink (or two) with them in the Curly Coo Bar.

Apparently organising another event was also on the list for the former SA CEO

Conferences concerning open source projects are always inspiring. As the SA team seems very busy, it seems that a conference for SuiteCRM may have to be a community initiative.