SuiteCRM - Composer autoloader error

Hi there,

I am trying to get Suitecrm working on ubuntu 16.4 by following this guide

I’ve managed to get all the way through but my when I open the default location in a browser I get the only the following message displayed:

Composer autoloader not found. please run “composer install”

I believe I have installed composer correctly by using

 sudo apt install composer

but I still cannot get the installer to function.

Any thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated.



There are some nice things about that guide, but others are… misguided. :slight_smile:

There’s no need to create a database, the installer does it for you.

This guide is simpler:

Anyway, your problem comes from getting the files via git, instead of downloading the zip file and unzipping it.

But anyway try doing composer install --no-dev from your SuiteCRM directory. If all goes well, it should pick up the composer.json file, install a bunch of stuff into the “vendor” directory. If that fails maybe you’re better off just starting from the zip file.

Thanks, I’ll give it a go today.



I don’t know much about that guide, but it seems made for an older version of SuiteCRM. Please try to run a “composer install” (in your suitecrm folder) after the STEP 5.


sudo apt install composer


composer install --no-dev

It worked for me.


Was this ever solved? I am running into the same issue and have tried the above on this thread. I can verify Composer is installed yet it will not load the install.php in http://ip.address/test/suitecrm/install.php. I get the same error on this page.

When I ssh into the server and run composer install, I get

The lock file does not contain require-dev information, run install with th
e --no-dev option or run update to install those packages.

When I run composer install --no-dev I get

Loading composer repositories with package information
Installing dependencies from lock file
Nothing to install or update
Package league/url is abandoned, you should avoid using it. Use league/uri instead.
Generating autoload files

When I run composer I get

/ / ____ ___ ____ ____ ________ _____
/ / / __ / __ `
_ / __ / __ / ___/ _ / /
/ // // / / / / / / // / // (
) / /
/_// // // ./_//_//
Composer version @package_branch_alias_version@ (1.0.0-beta2) 2016-03-27 16:00:34

To be clear, I have a working SuiteCRM instance in a separate folder (http://ip.address/suitecrm) where this is for a separate instance that I want to have as a test area for updates and other tweaking (http://ip.address/test/suitecrm). The test version is not working.

Thank you.