SuiteCRM changed and no longer working

Hello everyone

So I logged in to suitecrm recently (in the last week) and suddenly I’m presented with an interface I haven’t seen before (it seems to have upgraded automatically as I didn’t change it). Nothing works any more, with most pages giving me something about switching ajax off. I went and did this. Instead of now getting a blank window with an error message at the bottom telling me to switch off ajax, I now just get a blank page. Ok so I tried a few fixes and I’m told I should be using PHP 7.0 preferrably. I go and switch this on and get error 500, This page isn’t working. Suitecrm is no longer usable in any shape and form. I cannot see my data, and I cannot add new data. Can any make any suggestions please???


Is it self-hosted? If so SuiteCRM won’t be upgraded automatically, Either you may have change theme from your profile. Or someone else may did that.
For 500 error. It may be a due to permission & ownership issue. You can find the root of the cause by apache log and suitecrm.log file.


Do you use a hosting provider? As you said “switch this on” in reference to PHP 7, I am assuming you are using a control panel of some kind with a hosting provider.

Unlike WordPress (for example), SuiteCRM does not typically “automatically” update, as there is not one “latest version”; there are two … 7.9.x and 7.8.x LTS.

It sounds like your best bet would be to rename your now-not-working SuiteCRM folder to something different, then and restore from a recent backup. This will at least get you up and running, fairly quickly.

Then check with your hosting provider, to see if they have changed anything on the servers and with other Suite users (who have admin access) to see if they have made any changes inside Suite.

The SuiteCRM folder structure (excluding the database) is not large, so well worth doing nightly backups. It only takes a minute or two for enormous peace-of-mind!

Hi everyone, and thanks for all your replies.

Yes, I’m hosting my own website, and can login to the provider and switch to different versions of PHP (and tweak various settings). I decided that perhaps an upgrade to the latest version may solve my problem, so I checked in About and saw the Sugar version, but cannot see the SuiteCRM version. I eventually got this from the file structure suitecrm_version.php. I found I was running version 7.9.4 and there was an upgrade to version 7.9.5. I did this and all issues have gone. One issue just mentioned which is still there is my SuiteCRM version number is not showing up. This is not serious though, and I have another thread somewhere with a few people looking at it.

Thanks for your help and interest. I guess we shall never know what caused the issues, and the different appearance of my SuiteCRM.

P.S. Does anyone know why I cannot add a file to this post??? The area is greyed out and I cannot type anything in to the space next to “1.”. Hovering and clicking the Add file button simply displays the extensions I can attach, but other than that, it does nothing.

That’s good to hear!

Sometimes, updates don’t go according to plan and something gets corrupted along the way! That’s why I urge everyone to create frequent backups, especially before upgrades or when making significant changes in Admin/Studio, etc.

I did another post on adding attachments to posts. The problem in Chrome (and maybe other browsers, too) is that the click zones are “off”. If you slowly mouse over the white area about a half-inch south-west of the “Add File” button, you will see the tool-tip “No file chosen”. Click here to add your attachment.