SuiteCRM Capabilities

Hi all,

I am new to suiteCRM and infact new to all CRM software I am not a user of it. I am looking for a alternative to the company use now which is a very old version of goldmine. We use goldmine as purley for telesales and the feedback I have had about SuiteCRM that is is just too long winded to get the information they want, compared to goldmine. So rather than just giving up and looking elsewhere, i thought i would ask what exaclty is it SuiteCRM can and cannot do.

As i understand it we just need simple functionality to allow telesales to:

Target Certain industies - So for example telesales would like to Target - Estage Agents so is there a way to have simple filter on the dashboard to show all customers in that selected industry to target.

Set a call back if customer in the above target list says to call back in a few months and automatically creates a reminder to call the customer back on this date.

I may have more questions once I recieve more feedbak but from my very limited knowledge of CRM systems this does seem a little longwinded to get the information we need. I mean what is the difference between a campaign and a target list? Why do have to have a target list to start a campaign why not just have a campaign?

Applogies if these questions sound daft I just need to check if this system will do what I see to be very simple use, we really do not do anything complicated.

Any user manuals you can point me to for genral use would also be apprciated.


Hi Mark,

best place for you to look would be here.

This gives the basics of what SuiteCRM can do and how to do it. SuiteCRM is built on top of SugarCRM so there are other items which are contained in SuiteCRM which information about these can be found here.

It does sound like its the basics which you are wanting and admin users can do alot to get the basics out of the way.

To answer the last question a campaign does not hold the targets email addresses. so a target list contains the contacts/leads/targets for the campaign.



Thanks for your reply. Doing a little reading I think I know now that I need a telesales module, there seems to be one for sugar called from sugar refinery however at significant cost. Is this something I could build within the module builder without any programming knowledge, or is there a community of modules users have built?


It depends what you intend to do with the module. but you can create a module in module builder and add relationships, fields and the layouts without any programming knowledge. which would get you started. The links above should get you started with module builder also.

Depending on what you want the module to do you might not need customisation via php. however this does depend on what it needs to do in the long run.