SuiteCRM can not find right imap folder and show error


I use centos 7 bt panel, when I install suitecrm, that panel install all software into /www/server/software, for php it like this /www/server/php.

that cause a problem about php-imap extension, suitcrm 7 can not find imap support and show errors, I guess it because suitcrm 7 programer can only search default php folder like /usr/local/php

I asked pannel programmer, they can not change software install folder.

So, I wish to ask, how can I change cuitsrm 7 program code, let it can search other folder to find php imap extension.

many thanks

You have not shared any logs or error messages that make you think this:

Is Suite installed and working - apart from email / imap things? Real users on it?

What versions of Suite /PHP / OS.