SUITECRM - Can a user change his/her password ?

Hi, I don’t seem to find a way to let a user change his/her password without Admin intervention, am I missing something or the option is just there hidden somewhere?



User can click on their username(top right) and then from there click on the password tab.



Unfortunately there is no password tab under the Username…

All I have is:

  • EMployees
    -Admin ( I am logged in as administrator)

How do I add the Passwd tab?

Also I do I remove the EMployee, Support and ABout options?



Click on cog wheel to uncover the panels.

OMG !!! this is giving too much to the user, how do I restrict all the Editing feature and leave only the permission to change the password?

What are the keywords in the Role I should set to Disable or None to avoid the user to edit his username, the layout option, etc etc?