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SuiteCRM Bulk Field Importer- Try for Free

Upload fields effortlessly from CSV files to SuiteCRM software. Strive for Time-saving Product called SuiteCRM Bulk Field Importer to complete everything promptly.


  • Using this plugin, the user can upload bulk fields in SuiteCRM by importing the CSV file.
  • All field values will be accurately parsed from CSV to SuiteCRM, no matter if you have used special characters, separators, alphanumeric, or any other. You just need to choose the correct field type.
  • The extension is compatible with all core as well as custom modules.
  • You can upload any kind of field including but not limited to text, checkbox, URL, etc.
  • We also provide a preformatted sample CSV file that comprises the accurate layout.

Here is the Functionality Screenshot:-

First Screen:-

Second Screen:-

Third Screen:-

Fourth Screen:-

See the full Functionality here:- https://bit.ly/3k6FGMm

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There is interesting decision with combination of MS Visio. You can paint UML class model and export data of model to xlsx.

Thank you for suggestion.