SuiteCRM Asterisk integration

Hi friends,

I am really new guy for this, so I am having some concerns, expect some help from you make it clear.

I have installed SuiteCRM Version 7.10.8 (Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)) to a Server and I already have Freepbx working now.

I need to integrate freepbx and suiteCRM together for,

  • On inbound call open CRM calling contact information
  • Clicktocall from CRM
  • Logg inbound and outbound calls in CRM

I have seen that SuiteCRM -> Control panel -> Admin in the bottom “ASTERISK SugarCRM Connector”

Once I click “ASTERISK Configuration” under that, I can go to a page for configure Asterisk settings such as, Asterisk Manager Host, Asterisk Manager Login, etc.,

This means I can configure Freepbx integration from here onwords ?

Do I need to pay for this ?
How can I enable above given requirements ?

Please help me for this, because this was given as task of my job by my boss.


I don’t think I know anything about that “Asterisk SugarCRM Connector”. This is probably a plug-on that you purchased and installed.

You are better off looking for that plugin’s support page and asking there.

Freepbx has an interface (it’s not free, albeit it’s not very expensive neither). Works great for placing the recordings into the CRM, albeit you also have to have another freepbx module called “zulu” to have a pop up, and it’s not as clean (as I understand it, I’m not using it yet) as a Suitecrm solution in the suitecrm store.

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We have integration of Asterisk based pbx like FreePBx, issabel etc with SuiteCRM all version with advances features like click to call, call pp up , call reporting and auto dialers,predictive dialer, Voice Broadcasting for for free .

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Hello @techextension
VEry interesting solution. Do you have an already build image with FreePBX and your AsterCTI application ready installed ?

Thank you,