Suitecrm as a ticketing system

Hey Everyone,

I have been using this software for a little over a week, and it seems like it could actually cover most of the things we need in our office.

One thing we would like for it to do is to run an IT Ticketing system if it could. We are an IT company and our clients like to add a ticket and check progress. So they can create and we can add to it, or create it ourselves. They can check the progress etc.

Is there any modules around or a way a module can be edited to have this feature?

Thanks in advance.

There are modules in SuiteCRM Store, search there.

Out of the box, you might want to install AOP Portal (free download from SuiteCRM website) which has simple functionality, but you can extend it as needed. It provides a simple portal where users can log in and keep track of open cases.

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Thanks, I am looking at it now! :slight_smile: