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SuiteCRM as a Cyber incident response tool

HI, I’m beginning the process of trying to develop a reduced version of SuiteCRM as an incident response system for cyber security related incidents. The closest open source project that does this is theHive, but they are becoming more of a pay tool except for the lowest tiers, and this would cover some areas that the hive does not go.
I mapped out all that I think would be part of such a tool, knowing that nothing does all of this.
B9i1nX8.png (1320×628) (

I’d love to get some help from others interested in this project.
I’d also like to share this with the community. Are their best practices around saving a configuration to build into a vm or iso?

Eventually, I’d like to use apis to connect to related tools, such as Cortex, Slack, Zoom, SIEM and ticketing systems.

If you think this would be worthwhile to contribute, let me know.


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