SuiteCRM and Oracle connection/plugin

Hi all,

we need to use Oracle as a database for SuiteCRM (compliance reasons).
Is there any chance that a corresponding plugin will be developed in an upcoming release?

Has anyone in the community made experiences in writing an own database adapter for SuiteCRM?
After reading the php scripts I’ve got the impression that only basic database functionalities
(like CREATE, INSERT, UPDATE DELETE and simple queries) are used by SuiteCRM - correct?
Since the SQL dialect of MySQL is rather similar to the one of Oracle, the development of an own
adapter appears to be feasible – right?

Thank you for your help,

I would be skeptical about this, you’ll get yourself in trouble.

I Googled around and it seems that SugarCRM had Oracle support, even at the time of version 6.5 (which was when we forked), but since they had it only for Enterprise and Professional versions, we didn’t get that code. But it proves that it’s possible. I just fear that it is probably a large, pricey development.

These instructions are for their newer versions so they might not apply at all to SuiteCRM:

What sort of compliance do you have trouble getting, for the supported platforms?

Have you heard of SuiteASSURED, which is aimed specifically at Enterprises with strict compliance requirements, among other things? Tell me if you want someone from SalesAgility to contact you directly about these services.

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Thank you very much for your helpful comments. I’ll try to find a sample php script from the old
SugarCRM version in order to estimate the effort for developing our own solution.

I will also consider SuiteASSURED!