SuiteCRM and Moodle Integration

I have installed SuiteCRM, Moodle and Myddleware on my server. I have integrated SuiteCRM and Moodle both in Myddleware. However, the courses and users in Moodle does not update in SuiteCRM.
In SuitCRM I have created modules i.e: Courses, Quiz results, Course Categories, etc. I am trying to get the Moodle data from Moodle to SuiteCRM with no success. What am I doing wrong?

Hi, welcome.

In order to know what you might be doing wrong, we would have to have some idea of what you are doing in the first place…

How are you expecting the data to go from Moodle into SuiteCRM? Are you calling the SuiteCRM API? What errors are you getting?


I use Myddleware to connect SuiteCRM and Moodle together. I can’t seem to get Moodle data to reflect in SuiteCRM.

I’m afraid I’ve never heard of Myddleware… I wonder if it wouldn’t be better to ask this question over at the Myddleware forums?

Unless you can get some more technical details for us to understand exactly how it’s supposed to be coming into SuiteCRM (via the database, or the v4 API, or v8 API, etc)


So, within SuiteCRM I have created modules, which corresponds to Moodle. Please see screenshot.

Now in Myddleware I have linked the two: SuiteCRM and Moodle.

I am using Myddleware to push the information from Moodle to SuiteCRM.

Is there another way to do this. All I want is to push course data, user data and results from Moodle to SuiteCRM.

This is from Myddleware’s point of view:

Ok, so it seems Myddleware is not working, but we can’t help you much from here. We don’t know anything about that product.

As much as I would like to be more helpful, I really think you need to ask the Myddleware folks…

If you have some developer skills I can try indicating how we could do this integration without any Myddleware component, from PHP, using the API.

Yes, please, let me see if I can do this without Myddleware. Moodle has webhooks can this help and Moodle has REST and SOAP API’s.

I mean REST and SOAP protocols.

If you’re just looking for an initial synch between both sides, it’s probably easier to just work with manual exports and imports between the databases.

If you want to regularly push information into SuiteCRM to keep it updated as Moodle is updated, you will want to be using something in Moodle that can invoke SuiteCRM’s API.

I don’t know how things are on Moodle’s side, but I assume it has some way for you to specify a bit of code that runs whenever an update happens.

Note that if you want the integration to work both ways (i.e. when SuiteCRM is updated it also reflects on Moodle) that’s a completely separate piece of work.


Thanks, I really appreciate your help. No, I just want what happens in Moodle to update in SuiteCRM. Can webhooks work.


I have installed API V8 but I can’t seem to run POST /Api/access_token and I also can’t find the client_secret also the path to this: "‘https://path-to-instance/Api/access_token’.

Can you assist please?

I haven’t personally ever used the API so I can’t help much. The Documentation should get you going.

If you run into problems I suggest opening new threads, one issue per thread, and adding some more detail (exact attempts and their errors), maybe somebody more fluent with the API will help you.

Ok, Thanks. I really appreciate all the help.