SuiteCRM and DMS, especially agorum


I recently started looking into SuiteCRM and it fits my needs quite good. But I would need an integration with a DMS.
I found agorum and the module sugorum, which is written for SugarCRM. It installs perfectly in SuiteCRM but when I configure the connector and test it, I get the error:
“There is no action by that name.”

Is sugorum compatible with SuiteCRM?

If not, ist there any other connector to connect SuiteCRM to an open source DMS?


Hi Dominik,

If the connector is confirmed to work with SugarCRM CE 6.5.x, then it should work with SuiteCRM, but there is no guarantee of that. Otherwise it may not work.

I would suggest contacting the connector developer to see if they can resolve your issues or have any insight.



Hi Will,

thanks for your answer. I allready posted in their forum and sent them some log files. I have the same problem with the Bitname SugarCRM-Stack. Might be a problem on their end…

If agorum is not compatible with SuiteCRM, is there any other open source DMS I could test with SuiteCRM?

Thanks for your assistance!


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