SuiteCRM: add reminder in task module

i want to add a reminder in task module in SuiteCRM like the reminder in meeting module.
i looked in the code of meeting module, i found that many functions related to the reminder are in the file \modules\Meetings\Meeting.php and in the file \modules\Activities\EmailReminder.php and in the file \modules\Meetings\tpls\reminders.tpl.
i want to find the reminder function and to use it in the task module, how can i do ?

Have you tried achieving this with Workflows? I’m not a good person to help with Workflows, I never use them, but it seems to me this could be done from there, without the need to mess with the code…

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it worked for me, thak you so much for your help!

hello,i did a reminder for my task that starts today. It works fine for the tasks that i create today and have a start date today
But with tasks that start tomorrow and i create today, i don’t get a reminder

this is the condition for my workflow
Module: Tasks Field: Start date Operator: Equal to Type: Date Value: Today

The scheduler works every minute and every day

@jihen17 Did you get it working?

I want to implement the same.