Suitecrm 8: Virtualmin: Install Script: upload_max_size?

I’m trying to install SuiteCRM 8 on a box managed with Virtualmin. In the Virtualmin UI, and by editing the filed at the location that <?php php_info(); ?> gives me, I can clearly see that the upload_max_filesize is at 2G.

Yet, I still get “Upload File Size | error | Warning: Your PHP configuration should be changed to allow files of at least 6MB to be uploaded.”

Where the heck is the SuiteCRM 8 install script looking to parse php.ini?

It’s likely that post_max_size is also limiting it.

Make sure you restart your web server after any ini changes.

For checking Loaded PHP.ini you can use following command to see the file location.

php -r “echo php_ini_loaded_file().PHP_EOL;”

For finding value for “Upload file size” use the following command to see the Value

grep -inr upload_max_filesize /etc/

after changes, do restart apache to see changes into effect.