Suitecrm 8 Updated Timeframe?

Is there any updated timeline on this? I have a colleague that wants to get away from Salesforce and move to SuiteCRM. I recommended he wait until SuiteCRM 8 is at least out in Beta.

That prompted me to look around for updates, but I couldn’t find any.

Any idea how far away this is? A month? A year? Is it just relegated to vaporware?

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Hi there,

There is no official date yet but I would be listening out for an update within the next month or so for a release not far after :crossed_fingers:

Hello, I would like to participate in the development of SuiteCRM 8. I might be able to close the functionality of Kanban boards for modules. I have a revision for SuiteCRM 7 Kanban board for the Opportunities module. how can I participate in this? or is there no such possibility?

Hi @palach,

Thanks for reaching out, we’d love to see your contributions within Suite8, unfortunately, however, we’re not currently accepting PRs and changes to the codebase I believe until the release of beta and the publication of the codebase. I look forward to seeing your changes then!