SuiteCRM 8 - Show Full Names does not work

I want to see the full names of assigned users in listview and detailview instead of the username. I have enabled both available settings:

  • System-wide setting in System → System Settings → Show Full Names
  • User-specific setting for every user in Users → Advanced → Show Full Names

Additionally, I did multiple rebuilds and logged out all users. System development mode is enabled.

But it does not work, I still see the usernames of assigned users in every view. What else can I do?

Hi @philm,

Thank you for your feedback.

We haven’t re-implemented this functionality yet on SuiteCRM 8 ui.

Could you create an issue on SuiteCRM-Core project on github please? If you could add some screenshots it would help.

Thank you.

HI - does that mean that those Settings choices don’t actually do anything behind the scenes in 8?
Or that they use the unchanged code from 7? Which for some reason does not change settings ‘under the bonnet’ / ‘under the hood’.

If the former - is there somewhere in the database or config that Philm could change to get his desired behaviour?

Hi @DJuser,

Sorry for the delay in replying.

Had a deeper look into this, unfortunately this is a bug in SuiteCRM 8.

Part of the problem is in public/legacy/include/portability/ApiBeanMapper/FieldMappers/AssignedUserMapper.php.

@philm Would you mind creating an issue on the SuiteCRM-Core project in github please? It helps having public tracking of the issue progress.

A quick fix could be added by replacing the toApi method contents with the following. But a proper fix would require a bit more time, in order to allow the front end to decide.

     * @inheritDoc
    public function toApi(SugarBean $bean, array &$container, string $alternativeName = ''): void
        $name = self::FIELD_NAME;

        if (!empty($alternativeName)) {
            $name = $alternativeName;

        if (empty($bean->assigned_user_id)) {
            $container[$name] = '';


        $assignedUser = BeanFactory::getBean('Users', $bean->assigned_user_id);

        $userName = $assignedUser->user_name;
        if (!empty(showFullName())) {
            $userName = $assignedUser->full_name;

        $container[$name] = $userName;
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For reference, the Issue is