SuiteCRM 8 Roadmap Update (Alpha Preview III)

Hi Everyone!

Just want to start off by expressing our huge appreciation for all the members who provided feedback and tested the SuiteCRM 8 Alpha I and II preview.

As an open source software it is imperative that the community have the means to voice and influence the development of the project. It was exciting to see the dedication of our community, working towards our common goal of improving the software for everyone.

If you have feedback please reach out at ( or email our community team ( Don’t be shy, we want to hear from you.

Our next scheduled preview of SuiteCRM 8, Alpha III, was to be announced imminently however due to the wealth of feedback and some changes we want to make we will be delaying the preview of SuiteCRM 8 Alpha III. Although we are eager to demonstrate the new functionality we also felt it, in-line with our design principles, that it was important to spend some time refining what we’ve delivered so far.

So, whilst the team are busy getting the next Alpha release in place, please do take this opportunity to continue experimenting and exploring the SuiteCRM 8 Alpha II ( and submit feedback.

We look forward to announcing the preview SuiteCRM Alpha III by the end of September 2020! Check out what will be included here (