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SuiteCRM 8 - Q & A

Hi Clemente!
You talk about a pre built Zip, where the Angular files are already pre-compiled. But as far as I can see, that Zip file currently is not available for download.

Edit: I’ve found the package Zip. You can download it on https://suitecrm.com/suitecrm-8-beta-preview/ Where you will be redirected to the sourceforge project site.

For your information. I’m also running in issues with the procedure described.

Composer version 2.0.12
Node v10.24.0
yarn 1.22.10
Angular CLI: 11.2.7

I do the following:

cd /var/www/suite8
composer install
yarn install

and get following error:

error An unexpected error occurred: “http://localhost:4873/cross-spawn/-/cross-spawn-7.0.3.tgz: connect ECONNREFUSED”.

I also tried with --force as is sugessted in the composer install message: “Don’t forget to run npm install --force or yarn install --force to refresh your JavaScript dependencies!”, with the same result.

Hi @johnsmith0815,

Thank you for the report.

That error is related with an outdated version on yarn.lock. We are aware of this issue, we should push an updated version of yarn.lock soon.

In the meantime, please try deleting yarn.lock and running yarn install again. Then the other yarn run commands described on the documentation.

I won’t be available the next few days. Please ping @Mac-Rae

@Mac-Rae @c.panton we should add a note on the docs while the fix is not pushed

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Another Issue which I’ve come across with the Beta, but also have seen in the Alpha, is that it seems not possible to link existing records from the subpanel from Leads and Contacts and others (I think modules that have already implemented the new UI). The only button available is the option to create a new record. This means its currently impossible to link records with a many to many relationship if neither of them are run as legacy module.

Where would be the best place to report such issues? Are we welcome to do so in the Github repository?

Thank you and best regards.

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Hey @johnsmith0815,

Please feel free to open an issue in that repo and we’ll take a look.
This one is a known issue and will be resolved however opening an issue would still be ok!


I finally got the beta running on a test server. It loads and I can log in but every page results in an internal server error. The log shows:
[client] /var/www/html/suite8/public/legacy/.htaccess: RewriteBase: argument is not a valid URL, referer:> is the server IP so I am guessing I put in an incorrect parameter running the legacy install. Is there somewhere I can check or correct those parameters now that the install is already done?

Thanks a lot.

My CRM is not open below is the errror occures on console.

i have installed the
mysql 5.7

Can we expect improvements in version 8 related to document - file management as currently having files in a single folder is not practical solution. Also, will it be possible to influence configuration of folder (s)?

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Since this topic is more for general SuiteCRM 8 questions, I’ve created a page just for SuiteCRM 8 Beta install questions and issues.

Any new questions please add them there.

I’ll reply to the existing ones in there also and link them back here.

Hi @bhavin0070,

Thank you for reporting this issue.

Some other users had a similar issues. I’ve added a the following post with the possible root cause and the needed apache configurations.

If you still have problems, please added them on that thread.

Thank you

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Hi @steveS,

Thank you for reporting this issue.

I’ve added the following post with a likely root cause and possible solution.

If you still have issues, please reply on that thread.

Hello everyone, I install suite8 according to the instructions
step 11 I get the following error.

But I already did it.

Hi @palach,

I’ve replied to this question on your other post on

Hi @clemente.raposo, I’m about deploy SuiteCRM on a small business, with <100 accounts.

I’m wondering if I can deploy SuiteCRM 8 Beta 2 to avoid a migration pretty soon.

What is your advice?

Hi @iocampox

I would advise against this, Beta is not a complete version of SuiteCRM

We just installed the newly release Beta and this is looking great!

Few points from a user front I noticedL

1 - Customising sub panel order


even when unticked, admin user cannot change the layout of the subpanels? or the boxes

The default order puts Activties, Contacts, History

2 - List view edit pencil

There was a black pencil that took user into edit view from list view
Are there plans to bring this back or something that is one click edit view from list?


3 - more information / quick view

I cannot locate the i for list view

It has been replaced with much better options to quick create Activities, however is it possible to include the i within these too?

It is a great way for users to get more info without having to click into the record


4 - Different view for dropdown

When creating an Account

Dropdowns looks like

When creating a other module / custom module dropdown looks like

Will all dropdowns behave the same in the release?

5 - https://suitecrm.com/suitecrm-8-beta-2-released/

Notes ‘Dynamic Enum Fields’

Is there anymore information about this? How they work in SuiteCRM 8.0?

6 - Mobile view

Using iPhone /chrome - I could not navigate the menu to get to a list view

7 - Insights - user preference
When landing on a detail view of a record that has ‘insights’ it is default on

User has the option to turn this off by clicking the ‘insights’ button


But when returning to the record type the insights to tuned back on again, is it possible for this to be stored if the user wants to see this or not for that record type

Hi @iocampox,

Welcome to the community! Thanks for trying out SuiteCRM 8.

Like @TaufiqueAhmed, mentioned, there will be significant chances to SuiteCRM 8 before the 8.0.0 release. And at the moment no upgrade path will be made available from the current beta (beta 2). (Meaning, that when the new version is out you would need to fully re-install).

So I cannot advise using it for production yet. But I think you could start trying it out.

@TaufiqueAhmed thank you for the input on this question.

Hi there, are there any updates on when the full version of Suite8 will be released?

‘July 2021’

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Any news on the Release Candidate for SuiteCRM8? According to the roadmap, it was to be delivered in June.

Thanks for the question on the release everyone, we will be updating the release plan very soon. But clearly its not yet been released and we will likely we will see another Beta release and a least 1 Release Candidate over the net few months as we narrow in on the the final release,