Suitecrm 8 module installation

Hello everyone, now I find myself with a problem when installing a module developed for messaging, the module is allowed to be installed in the crm but when I want to go to the configuration the error appears

It is a module developed in 7.19 completely customized

Hi :wave: @jaimetapiasgonzalez

Sometimes roles of modules don’t apply straight away after installation. Try navigating to the Admin Panel > Repair and first repair the Roles. After this do a Repair & Rebuild.

Let us know how you get on.

Hello Samus, it has not been repaired several times, permissions have been changed and nothing, we think it may be because it is a module developed for suitecrm 7.11.19 and is installed in 8

Hmm, sounds like it. Do you have a custom action parameters in that particular URL?

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